For the next few weeks, you will be accessing our language arts class remotely. All assignments will be located in CANVAS and where necessary, the assignments will include a brief instructional video. I will be available each day during “Help Time” to answer questions and clarify instructions. (The link to ZOOM room “Help Time” sessions is at the top of this page and in Canvas under assignments “Help Time”.)

As teachers, we are required to have regular remote contact with every student. Therefore, please plan to join the daily “Help Time” sessions. If you do not have any questions or need clarification on assignments you will not be required to stay for the entire 30 minutes. In that case, just check in to let me know all is well. If you cannot make the appointed time (8:30-9:00), you may email me with any questions or concerns.

NOTE:  Please be aware that unless you disable the camera on your computer, you and your surroundings will be viewable by all participants in the ZOOM room.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Watch the following video.  Make notes in your “Guide to the Sixties” foldable about the clothing boys/girls wore, and what the role was of men (boys) and women (girls).

The Wednesday Wars Journal #2

  • In complete sentences, write your impressions of this 10 minute video.  What do you find interesting, concerning, or frustrating.  Compare and contrast to what you know about today’s modern family.  What are the differences.
    Your journal must be one page or more.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

  • Make a 8-page foldable, then label:
    • Cover
      • My Guide to the Sixties
      • Graphic
      • First and Last Name
      • Class period
    • 2nd page
      • Television and Music
    • 3rd page
      • Political Movements and Leaders
    • 4th page
      • NASA and Space Travel
    • 5th page
      • Dress Code for Boys & Girls
    • 6th page
      • Gender Roles
    • 7th page
      • Military Conflicts
    • Back cover
      • Major Issues Teenagers Faced
  • Take notes on each sections from peers presentations

Monday, March 9, 2020

The Wednesday Wars Journal #1 (must be an entire page, restate then answer the questions)

  • In what ways were the Sixties similar to now?
  • What is the ‘grooviest’ thing you learned about the Sixties?
  • What surprised you about the Sixties?

Gary D Schmidt Speech (see Canvas for link and paper assignment–DUE FRIDAY)